Grapple Beasts

Grapple Beasts are a collection of Brazilian jiu-jitsu inspired NFT’s.

We have 3000 unique Ju Jitsu players that get rarer as the belt ranks get higher. We aim to provide online courses for body and mind, free to Grapple Beasts NFT holders. 

We’re not just a company, we’re a tribe. Join us and become part of something bigger than yourself. As we grow, our community becomes stronger in skill, knowledge and wealth! 

How do I get a Beast?

Step 1

Download and install a Chrome browser plugin called MetaMask. This will allow websites (that you authorize) access to your Ethereum account

Step 2

If you made a new account, buy some Ether. The MetaMask plug-in has a button that will allow-you to buy Ether from Coinbase.

Step 3

Once you have the plugin installed, this website will recognise it and add buttons that allow you to mint.

Experience the ultimate fusion of strength, knowledge, and respect at Grapple Beasts, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy where technique reigns supreme. Our team is committed to constant improvement and mastering new techniques, building a community of like-minded individuals who share our values.

We believe that success is not about your background or resources, but about perseverance and education. Our Grapple Beasts HQ is the perfect environment to cultivate resilience and hard work, and we’re seeking individuals who share our commitment to excellence.

With our Educate to Elevate initiative, we’re breaking down barriers to learning and making online education for body and mind accessible to everyone. As an NFT holder, you’ll have exclusive access to free online courses.

We are looking at the possibility of metaverse classrooms, and opportunities to explore the cutting edge of the metaverse, all chosen by our community.

At Grapple Beasts, we’re more than just a company. We’re a thriving community of passionate individuals who are driven to be part of something bigger. Come grow with us and experience the power of knowledge, technique, and respect firsthand.

As we progress, we’ll be making numerous charitable donations to make a positive impact. We are particularly passionate about aiding exploited children, and it’s a cause that’s close to our hearts, but also charities like REORG and We Defy Foundation, they provide combat veterans with BJJ training and equipment to help them overcome physical and mental challenges.



Launch social media campaign.  November 2022.

Grapple Beasts NFT Public Mint 18th March 2023!

Hire new team members 25% Sold.

Start Grapple Beasts Merch Design May 2023.

 Charity giveaway 50% Sold

Launch online Merch store June 2023

Start development of first Online Course 50% Sold.

Community vote on direction of roadmap 2.0 May 2023.


Random Airdrops and giveaways. 75% Sold.

Charity giveaway. 75% Sold.

Launch Roadmap 2.0

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